If your car is looking a bit tired and dingy, or perhaps your bundle of joy has spilled a few too many cheerios and juice boxes, maybe it’s time for a detail!

Nothing rejuvenates a dirty car than a quality bumper to bumper detail cleaning. Our expert staff offers several levels of detail services that will bring a happy smile back to you and your vehicle.

Our simplest detail includes a full interior vacuum, wipe down of all surfaces, exterior wash, wheel clean, wipe down of all door jambs, a thorough cleaning of the engine compartment, finished off with a beautiful wax to restore your vehicles painted surface.

Our more thorough detail service includes a deeper clean of your cars interior. We shampoo carpets and cloth seat surfaces, and clean and recondition leather interior seats and surfaces, removing all stains and smells from the interior of your car. We clean all glass surfaces inside and out, and apply a rain deterrent to your windshield making driving in the rain not only easier, but safer. This is followed with a though wash, buff and wax of your cars exterior including all door jambs, trunk areas, and engine compartment. We finish off with a complete cleaning of your vehicles wheels and rims.

When your car receives a detail service from Professional Auto Body, it gets the best. We use only PPG, 3M and Meguiars wax products to ensure the best quality outcome from its detail.

Why not call today for your quote and let us make your car as beautiful as the day you bought it!

PS:  While your at it, ask about our headlight restoration services, or check out the process under our services tab.